Our proficiency

  • Nearly 30 years of production experience in film and TV productions
  • dramaturgical/artisticand production-related expertise
  • Clear competence with respect to labor law, media law and con­trol­ling business ad­minis­tration with several years of practical experience.

Scale of benefit

  • Reliable budgeting of your screenplay and financial plan­ning

  • Preparation of contracts for freelancers, staff and service providers in accordance with labor legislation, the German Civil Code (BGB) and German Copyright Law (UrhG)

  • Advice on the commercial and artistic ma­nage­ment of your project

  • Preparation of an audit-proof account of film costs, film book­keeping including cash ma­nage­ment 

Your profit

  • A production “on time and on budget” Reliable auditing of film cost accounting

  • Correct and prompt accounting of funding for your production 

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