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After spending 30 years as a freelance production manager for a wide variety of production houses and broadcasters, documentaries, corporate films, music events, commercial spots, daily soaps, live events, factual and fiction productions, we set up Dragonsheart-Freeman-Pictures GmbH.

After school I started studying economics, business administration and law. At the same time I started working on documentaries and a varied TV repertoire. I had mastered the commercial and legal aspects of production work and also the business administration aspects of “on time on budget producing” and all the aspects and importance of "chain of title".
Since 1998 I have created a network of private and public sector broadcasting companies as well as working with national and international producers and am involved in different types of productions both factual and fiction – e.g. those transmitted daily, do­cu­men­taries, weekly series and mini-series, TV-films and event productions.

My extensive knowledge and experience in the commercial field as well as my understanding of both, the creative and technical requirements of the film and TV world have led to the implementation of my results-oriented ideas, thus yielding the "best of both worlds".

Brief Summary
Antje Stanko, born November 19, 1964

My passion for the moving picture began right after my studies (economic sciences and law).

In 30 years I have built up a network of private and public broadcasters as well as national and international production companies.

My profound economic and media law knowledge and my experience in budgeting and negotiation, the understanding of creative needs and technical requirements, lead to a result-responsible implementation and the challenging "best of both worlds".

Professional Activity (selection):
1991 - 1992 Floormanager / 1.AD inkl. Bugdetdecisions (Germany)
1993 - 1994 Productionkoordinator (Australia, Spain, Africa, Asia, France, Switzerland)
1995 – 2014 Productionmanager (UK, Austria, Spain, Africa, Asia, France, USA, Switzerland)
2014 – today Lineproducer, Controller and film accountant
(Czech Republic, UK, France, Switzerland, Germany)

Projects / Companies in about 30 years (selection):
FeatureFilm Cinema &TV / e.g. Prokino / UK, Germany, Switzerland, Australia
Documentation / e.g. ARTE / Germany
TV Show / e.g. Endemol / Germany, Netherlands, Spain
Commercial Spots / e.g. Saatchi&Saatchi / France, UK, Czech Republic
Musicproductions/ e.g. EMI International / France, UK, Spain
Sport/ e.g. DFL, NBA / Spain, Afrika, Asia, Austria
Daily Soap / e.g. RG Grundy / Australia, Germany
Industrial / e.g. Daimler Chrysler / Asia, Germany, USA
Further fields of activity

Public broadcasters: calculation verification, script consulting, budget negotiations
Private channels: Benchmark-optimization, controlling & costreporting
Production companies: calculation verification, script consulting, budget negotiations
AMAZON & Netflix CostReporting:MovieMagic Scheduling & Budgeting Expert
SESAMKALKULATION & Drehplan & Finanzbuchhaltung Expert

Try me if your searchig for an experienced and professional TV-/Streaming/Film Controller & Senior Production Finance Expert.